Eat what Think That

Eat What Think That

   Imagine I place two plates in front of you one with fruits and the other with pastries 🥧, pizza 🍕 , and burgers 🍔. Tell me which one would you select. Its been a decade that we have been used to this pattern of eating habits. Initially, it didn’t affect us much however studies have proved that our adaptation to new food habits has widely impacted brain health. And neither our body has been dealing well with this type of food habits.

    A diet that has ample fat and sugar content in the long-term tend to shrink our brain cells and a negative impact is seen in the part of the Brain 🧠 which is responsible for memory.

Programming of the Brain

   The programming of the brain starts with the first meal 🍴 which is even before our birth. The brain is built up during pregnancy 🤰. Based upon the diet intake of the expectant mother during the period of nine months, the Childs brain function changes. There was research done on 23000 pregnant women. and the behavior of their children was monitor by considering other factors income, family, parenting, etc, But the result of the research was that children whose mothers had increased intake of sugar, salt, and fried snacks during their pregnancy period had more negative behaviors’  such as aggression, anger, and tantrums. These disquieting correlations prove that the mother’s diet impacts the mental health of the baby through the link remains to be demonstrated on the biological level.

    In addition to this, even the diet pattern of the children matters a lot. Children whose intake of processed food were more experienced more of aggression, anger, sadness anxiety worry, and nightmare.

Does food impacts our thought  process ?

   When people are asked if they think 🤔 that food they consume has an impact on their health. Most answer Yes. But when asked if they impact their thoughts and decision most of them denied the influence and very few willingly believed that food impacted. A group of people having the same lifestyle was selected for this experiment. They were invited to select an option between two ✌ opinions happened twice. . But the catch was before they could make their selections they were offered a meal and both the times the choices differed for everyone. The only difference between both the choices was their food intake once they were offered with high nutrient food and the second time they were offered high sugar meal.

   How can we be sure of the results are due to the food intake. So in this research, every candidate also took up a blood test for analyzing the results. Later these results were sent to lab to diagnose the hormones and amino acids. And the result showed that subjects with high tyrosine in their blood are more willing to accept an unfair offer. What we eat can potentially change the whole chemical reaction in our brain and thus the communication of neurons.

Since we all eat three times a day, we realize that food has enormous power in modifying and shaping us both physically and mentally. This means that we can use the food technique in promoting our mental well being and optimize our mental state.

  Eating too much of Bad fat and sugar food triggers an inflammatory reaction in neurons. So in response to eating excess junk food we have noticed obesity reaction in overall health. However, with further research, we find is that inflammatory molecules such as cytokines are increased in response to the diet. An overly rich diet confuses the whole immune system .Our fat masses release substances that propagate this inflammation throughout the body.Neurons were taught to be spared this effect behind the protective blood-brain barrier, The semi-permeable membrane that separates the circulating blood vessels from the brain. But due to continuous intake of high oily and high sugar diet, there is a threat that the protective blood brain barrier might be impaired and become leaky allowing traffic molecules into the brain. The inflammation infiltrates the meninges and then triggers a shocking phenomenon. The microglial cells within the brain are more important because it eats the dead neurons   But when they are deregulated especially in case of unbalanced nutrition they tend to eat the alive neurons. By consuming these neurons in excessive numbers eventually they will destroy or participate in the destruction of neural networks.

   Scientists suspect that glucose has the ability to modify the activity of the entire brain area that controls emotions and pleasure. The power of sugar has the same effect as a drug. An experiment conducted on rats and they were given a choice to select between sugar and drug. Even after several sips, the rats showed an irrepressible desire for glucose than the drug. The scientist concludes that sugar has more addictive potential than anything. The gut bacteria has the potential to influence our brain neurons. This is not restricted to human brain-behavior even the study shows that animal mood and reactions are based on food intake.

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