How to Deal With Fear

Fear creates I Can't Mindset

Fear and worry ideas is that condition of the mind during which everything is translucent blue glasses– during which whatever seems to bring a way of the futility of venture– the “I Can’t” concept of mindset, as contrasted with the “I Can and that i Will” attitude . The toxic weed in the psychological garden tends to kill the valuable plants to be discovered therein. It is the fly in the lotion– the spider in the cup of the Wine of Life.

Origin of the fear

So far as we understand, the very first person to use the word “Fear-Thought”– which has now passed into common usage– was Horace Fletcher, the widely known author, who created it to supplant the use of the word “Concern” in a particular sense. He had mentioned that Anger and Worry were the 2 fantastic barriers to a well- balanced, advanced, and progressive mindset; however, many misinterpreted him and urged that to eliminate Worry suggested stopping taking any factor to consider morrow– an absence of typical vigilance and planning.

Therefore Fletcher coined the word “Fear-Thought” to reveal a phase of his concept of “Forethought without Concern,” and he entitled his second book on the subject, “Happiness, as found in Planning minus Fear-Thought,” a very pleased expression of a very pleasing purpose.

How to Deal with Fear

He and others who have written on the topic have taught that Worry could also be abolished by the practice of abolishing Fear-Thought from the mind– by driving it out of the psychological chamber– and the very best teachers have taught that the best method to eliminate Fear (or any other unwanted mindset) was by cultivating the thought of the opposite quality of mind by compelling the mind to dwell upon the mental image of the preferable quality, and by the proper auto-suggestions.

The illustration has frequently been mentioned that the method to drive darkness from space is not to shovel it out. However, to throw open the shutters and let the sunlight stream in, which is the very best method to reduce Worry- Thought.

The mental process has actually aptly been mentioned as “vibrations,” a figure that has a full warrant in contemporary science. Then, by raising the vibration to the Favorable pitch, the negative vibrations might be combated. By cultivating the qualities suggested in the other lessons of this book, Fear-Thought might be reduced the effects. The poison of Fear- Idea is perilous and subtle. However, it gradually sneaks through the veins up until it paralyzes all useful efforts and action, till the heart and brain are impacted and find it difficult to throw it off. Fear-Thought is at the bottom of most failures and “going down” in life.

Fear is the biggest fear 

As long as a male keeps his nerve and self-confidence in himself, he has the ability to rise to his feet after each stumble and deal with the enemy resolutely– however, let him feel the effects of Fear-Thought to such a level that he can not toss it off. He will fail to increase and will perish miserably. “There is completely nothing to fear except Fear,” has well been stated.

You attract what you desire . Choose your desires wisely 

We have actually spoken elsewhere about the Law of Attraction, which runs in the instructions of drawing into us, that which we Desire. But there’s a reverse side to this– it’s a poor rule which will not work both ways. Worry will set into motion the Law of Destination simply as well as Desire. Just as Desire draws to one of the important things he photos in his mind as the Desired Thing, so will Fear to draw to him the thing envisioned in his mind as the important things Feared. “The thing that I feared has actually befallen me.” and therefore the reason is simple , and therefore the obvious contradiction vanishes once we examine the matter.

What is the pattern upon which the Law of Tourist attraction builds under the force of Desire? The Mental Image, naturally. And so it remains in the case of Fear– the person carries about the Psychological Image or haunting picture of the Feared Thing, and the Law of Tourist attraction brings it to him simply as it brings the Desired Thing. Did you ever stop to believe that Worry was the unfavorable pole of Desire? The same laws work in both cases.

So prevent Fear-Thought as you would the dangerous draught you understand would trigger your blood to end up being black and thick, and your breathing labored and hard. It is a repellent thing, and you must not rest content until you have expelled it from your mental system.

You can eliminate it by Desire and Will, paired with the holding of the Psychological Image of Fearlessness. Drive it up by cultivating its opposite—modification your polarity. Raise your mental vibrations. Someone has said, “There is no Devil but Worry”– then send that Devil back to the location where he properly belongs, for if you amuse him hospitably, he will make your paradise a hell so that he may feel at home. Utilize the mental Big Stick on him.

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