Human Behaviour Psychology

human behaviour psychology

Can Human behaviour be defined ?

We are going to focus on what is human behavior how we study human behavior and what is the need for studying human behavior. The most difficult thing that has happened since the inception of time is studying humans .The reason why this is difficult is because human beings dont follow predictive paths ,unlike chemical sciences or physical sciences where atoms, molecules, planets and other objects they follow certain laws and can be studied. Human beings cannot be studied following certain universal laws this is the reason being that human beings want to study human beings and that is one of the basic problem .The science of studying human being is considered to be one of the most primitive powers that humans want as they can control other humans .This is very interesting because imagine a situation where you got the chance or abilities to control other people. Now if that is true or that power becomes available to you, you could do wonders and could get into other peoples mind but it is not possible so the best possible option which is quite near to controlling other people is studying human behaviour which is a probabilistic science so what we could do is observe what certain people do in certain situations and based on that make predictions of how someone would react at certain period of time. That is what this article is all about so in this particular article what youre going to do is study those methods , problems and techniques which actually help us understand ourselves and thats a very great power.

Are we advanced enough to  completely understand the human behaviour?

The power to understand human beings as to why human beings do, or what they do or why they do or when they do and what are the outcomes this particular research on human behaviour Now Im going to introduce the field of psychology or field of human behaviour to you and in this particular Im going to tell you a little bit about what entails the study of human behaviour, how do we start, what are the methods of doing it.

The science of human behaviour actually came through a little bit of what the problems and signs that Im going to discuss here are not exclusive as there are many beside the ones that Im going to name here but these are just representative problems that the science of psychology can actually study.

A experiment on how rewards affects our performance.

A small experiment was carried on with students in United States in 20thcentury .The students were not able to focus on their course .The professors were not able to do deal and so the community decided that they are going to help these children into studying .So the community tried application of psychology of rewarding the youngsters.

So they booked a famous pizza chain to offer the students who perform well in their exams they would be given tokens by the School and these tokens can then be later on exchanged for discounts this is something Children liked eating .So this kind of a paradigm was developed this kind of an offer was developed and so what happened is that students started studying and performing well on their exams in exchange they would receive token on Pizza chains.

After a period of time the community decided to stop this offer .As soon as this Pizza offers have stopped the performance of children, the ability of children to read also went down so children started performing poor. This is one example to show that an external stimulus and an external reinforcement or reward can make perform people do better on certain tasks and so what happened is the very idea that theyre going to get something good theyre going to get something deserving were pushed or associated using a theory of learning with a deserving reward and this deserving reward could make people perform better but after a certain period of time when the reward is taken back would be a performance drop.

Are we following the Right Education System ?


Another extension of this project was done where two groups of children where both the group of children was actually given some tasks and mathematical puzzles too to play .Now both groups of children actually started playing with these puzzles and tasks after a certain period one group of children were given a reward for the playing and the other group of children were not given a reward.

But both the groups continued playing after certain period of time passed, the group which was receiving reward were withdrawn and it was found out that the children who were given a reward their performance decreased sharply.

On the other hand the children who were not given any reward and they played on the task on their own were performing at the optimal level there was no deviation there was no change in their performance.

After some time, the rewards were again given back to those children and it was found out that there was no improvement. Contradict to that the children who played this puzzle with no rewards right from starting started developing interest towards the task and hence their performance rate improved.


So when the scientist further researched the behavior of students, they came to a conclusion as the marks are also a form of reward to the students. So the system of giving Marks can reduce the performance of students. This experiments also provide an answer to why most of successful people were failures in their school.


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