Perfectly Imperfect


 I came across famous quote by Winston Churchill “The maxim, nothing prevails but perfection, may be spelled PARALYSIS.” A person’s life goals cannot be achieved. It can only be improvised. There will be room for improvement in whatever we do.

Psychological view on perfection:

 Though perfection is seen as a positive trait there is a beast side and many dimensions to it. Neuroscientist and psychological researchers identify the trait of perfectionism as striving for flawlessness, high level of negative reactions to a setback or failure, and holding unrealistic expectations to their work. While perfection is not a disease of the body but is believed to be a cancer of the spirit. Like any other disease, perfection has its own set of symptoms Anxiety. Depression, eating disorder, panic, suicidal thoughts.

   The possibility of anyone realizing that they might have this is too low until too late. When life was happening they were busy perfecting them. And the saddest thing in perfectionism is there is no one in the outer world expecting you to be perfect, It has always been you who have been in the vicious cycle of perfection. You expect something out of yourself. If achieved you set your goals higher if not considering you are the mistake .you pull your self-confidence to a level that it becomes difficult for you to grow.

    In my college, I had a friend of mine who was an achiever in many possible fields. She was a musician, an athlete, a grade A+ performer, and a good human being. She was someone whom you can take inspiration from and try performing like her. So like any teenager, I got information on her schedule and started bringing that plan to action. The first day of the plan I got up early, reached college went for sports practice, attended my classes, went for group study, and finally completed the art class, that was a fabulous beginning. The second day was a bit difficult as I was tired and I also had elocution club work, On the Third day, I was totally off the plan. So now after 3 days, my morale was down as I wasn’t able to achieve the goal I set.

         My realization about psychology, Life happiness, or anything for that matter was amateur during my college days. However, today when I look back upon those days I am happy that I was not able to make those goals as those were not out of interest or passion for something. It was merely because I was awed by someone’s success but for that, I was neither interested in becoming an athlete,  a topper, or a musician. It was my definition of a perfect student at that time which I was attracted to.

    My friend’s set of skills was irreplaceable and it’s the same for me my set of skills cannot be copied by anyone. Even if they are successful and not passionate they will lose joy. If they are happy and successful then congrats. They will have a long journey with lots of ups and downs and enjoy even the grey areas of life. Rather than looking at things as black or white.

   Next time when you achieve even the smallest success reward yourself and question whether you are happy about it. If yes go for an optimistic Growth and if failed it’s a great experience and if still, that is something you want to go for then go for it. People around you can advise you but following them should be your decision. Always know that there is just one person’s perspective that is going to value throughout your life. That is you and your opinion about you.

 Good luck recovering perfectionism….

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