Tips for Breaking the Personality Code

how to break the personality code

 Personality assessments can assist you to employ successfully, manage workers better, and handle challenging individuals. This nine-point list from the book Splitting the Personality Code can help you evaluate assessment tools and assistance to help you evaluate character tests and screening business.



The assessment business offering the test needs to deal with the number and type of rankings scales they are using. A rating scale is an instrument designed to assist in measuring subjective evaluations of, or responses to, an individual, things, event, statement, or other product of interest—the more score scales, the clearer the picture.

 According to the Encyclopedia of Psychology, several ranges of score scales have been established. One typical type of ranking scale presents the rater with a spectrum of possible actions that include antithetical aspects at each end of a series of intermediate possibilities. The rater is anticipated to suggest the position that most properly represents the rater’s response to the topic in question. Another kind of score scale provides the rater with a list of characteristics or qualities from which the rater is expected to pick those which the rater thinks to apply to the subject in question. Score scale instruments are used in psychological research mainly to assess qualities for which no unbiased answer 

 2. Quantity of time it requires to take the test. How long should it take to complete a test? That depends on how in-depth you need to look at the character. Here are your typical 3 alternatives for testing.

 * Standard team assessments using 4 primary scales with 30-60 questions can take 10-20 minutes to finish.

 * Simple prescreening of candidates/team assessments consuming 8 scales with 60-120 questions can take 20-30 minutes to complete.

 * Extensive character tests for evaluating candidates and examining the team utilizing 12-16 scales and more than 164 questions can take 35 to 90 minutes to finish.

 3. Credentials of the individual who is interpreting the test. We also believe the very best tests require somebody with detailed mental training or degrees for appropriate analysis of the information. Weekend training programs can be bothersome, considering that screening and human habits are a really complex topic. When hiring or internal choices, organizations require as much info and understanding as possible, as the effects can be really costly.

 4. Link profile to resume and job description. It is insufficient to review the information analysis is of a prospective brand-new hire’s personality. Before you employ this person, you will want to establish how the person’s previous associates with your position’s possible future. Whoever is assessing the candidate’s information with the hiring manager needs to have the resume and the job description to do a thorough job of reviewing the data.

 5. Impression management/faking good scale. In our opinion, a questionnaire needs a minimum of 164 concerns to collect sufficient data for an “Impression Management” scale. Impression management permits you to comprehend the results’ precision, and if somebody is trying to “phony good.” A proper test analyzes personality qualities in the context of business concerns.

 6. Thought flow. Obviously, not everyone believes and processes info the same way. A great personality test will provide you insight into a person’s thought circulation. This not just aids with employing, but comprehending how somebody’s thoughts naturally circulation is likewise an extremely effective management tool. Sharing this information among the group assists employees to communicate more effectively with other members of the team.

 7. Career matching. Specific character tests help you acquire information that might either support the person’s present career choices or assist them in checking out, thinking about, and preparing for another profession’s instructions. A personality test can provide you with a sign of which jobs match the prospect’s personality type and which careers they might have an ability. You do require to remember that the test results are only a sign and must not be relied on as an outright evaluation of which profession is best for the person.

 8. Strengths and weaknesses summary. Personality screening is a proven and effective method to develop highly functional groups. This starts with a summary of each person’s strengths and weak points. Once you know which personality types work best together, you can blend and match your people so that you get the most out of each of them. For every strength a person has, there is a matching weak point. Being assertive is a strength. However, a person can be too assertive and off-putting for some individuals or in some situations.

 9. Comprehensive interview concerns. The assessment business you pick should help you produce tailored interview questions based on the prospect’s particular personality. The function is to penetrate facets of the personality you need more details on. Lots of employers are now doing “behavioral interviews.” Instead of focusing on resume and achievements alone, use the character test as a jumping-off point to ask open-ended concerns that will cause the task prospect to describe real circumstances and their reactions to them. Ask them to explain a specific occasion, project, or experience and how they handled the situation, and what the result was. This talking to is the most accurate predictor of future performance.

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