Power of Having Nothing

power of having nothing

4 decades of Reliance
Dream bigger, Aim higher, commitment deeper, efforts greater
Power of having nothing. The satisfaction of achieving everything.

Ever felt bad about not having an opportunity of Studying more. Ever felt low about for not having a rich family. Ever felt Gloomy of failing. Ever forgotten your Dream. Read the below Story.
On December 6, 1932, Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani was born in a village Chorwod, Gujarat to Father Hirachand Govardhandas Ambani a school teacher, and mother Jamunaben Hirachand Ambani Homemaker. He was the third child to the family and at a very young age, he started supporting his family financially by retailing, selling oil, and setting up fritters stalls. At the age of 16, Dhirubhai realized he was attracted to the Socialism and politics of the country and started dreaming of a new and progressive India.
However, within a year he had to leave for Aden to support his family financially and started his career as a clerk in A. Besse & Co – one of the biggest trading firms. During that period he realized that English was one language that was required in his work. So every day post the working hours he worked on his language and communication skills. In due course, he mastered the skill of commodity trading, trading currencies, imports and exports, wholesale merchandising, marketing, and sales and distribution. He also discovered he had flair for speculative trading. In 1954 he got married to Kokilaben Ambani while he was working for Shell in Aden. And by the end of the decade, he decided to return to India.

Birth of Reliance

Dhirubhai Ambani returned to India with 500 INR in his Pocket and a letter of introduction from a Gujarati shopkeeper in Aden to his son living in a Bombay chawl to let him room. During this time Dhirubhai Ambani his wife and 4 Children were staying in a 2BHK house.

Reliance Commercial Corporation:
He was Co-founder of Majin with his brother. His very first business was Spices export and polyester yarn import business. He set up his first Office at Masjid Bander which was a 350 sq ft area with 3 chairs, 2 tables, and a telephone. Later in 1965, their partnership ended and Dhirubhai decided to continue the polyester Business.
In 1966 he formed Reliance Commercial Corporation which later became Reliance Industries on 08 May 1973. And launched a replacement textile brand Vimal.
Setting up his first factory in Naroda, Ahmedabad, was the most important hurdle of his life. With other mill owners opposing the sale of Vimal, the polyester brand, Dhirubhai and his team of highly motivated sales personnel traverse the middlemen (wholesalers) and went straight to the retailers. The popularity of the material and therefore the persuasiveness of Dhirubhai led several retailers to sell “Only Vimal”. A sound marketing strategy protected the merchandise and every one of India was soon wearing textiles that came out of the Reliance factory.
He decided to expand his business however this was not easy to proceed as none of the investors were willing to invest and none of the lenders believed in his idea. This was the time he decided to turn to the public and issued his 1st initial public offerings which were 7 times oversubscribed. After this, there was no looking back till the year 1986 where he suffered a Stroke which had paralyzed his right hand. This was when he handed over control to his sons.
But his company was still making growth and expanded in other sectors such as petrochemicals, oil refining, telecommunications, and financial services.
By July 2002 we lost one of the finest business tycoons in the world. His Contribution to the country and economy is commendable the span of 40 years of his business career he Changed the destiny of the country.



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