Power of your Words

Power of your words

Power of your Words

Have you ever wondered the thoughts has the power to change the things around you?

If no. please read the following interesting experiment done to prove that how our thoughts could affect the world around us

Thought shapes our reality. This experiment will show that thoughts are vibrations and have different frequencies and thus affect our circumstances.

The Rice Experiment:

A person took three different containers and added exact same amount of cooked rice in each container. Every day for about two months the person would spend 60 seconds per containers telling them either positive or negative things. Each container were marked with different labels named Love, Hate, and Ignore. The person told positive things to the container named Love, Negative things to the container named Hate and to the third container as the name says ignore. After nine weeks of this practice the experiment was success.


The container marked with Love: It was quiet good in shape .It was little yellow in color but still in a very better condition.

The container marked with Hate: It was in very bad shape and completely spoiled.

The container marked with Ignore: It was in better shape than the container labeled hate. But still it was quite disgusting.

This experiment proves that our thoughts are not just an interior force but also an exterior force which means that our though gives out some kind of energy and vibrations when we think about something and it goes outwards. It shows that literally shapes our life. It all starts in our mind. What you think and feel you will become.

To conclude: Your thoughts are powerful enough to shape the reality.

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