The consciousness of the unconscious brain

The Consciousness of the Unconsciousness Brain 

Within a fraction of a second you might have made an opinion about this site, content blog, and the picture even without reading the full article. Your brain 🧠 is a state of marvel managing more than 90% of whatever you do without letting you know regardless of whether you awake or asleep.

When you figure out a puzzle, your brain already had it within. For eg

Yuor biran si os celevr taht ti acn raed tihs snteence .

In fact, it can read the sentence in spite of jumbled sentences.

We all see several things remember a few but there is an interesting fact that we are driven by the unconscious brain which has the capability of grasping almost everything around us and unconsciously interferes in the things we do and decisions we make. And studies have proved that almost all actions of us are dictated to us.

A famous magician during his revealed that his words and actions are two different things. When people believe his words they fail to notice his real action. All the actions performed by magicians are based on clever psychological techniques.

Your brain consists of an enormous no of chemicals, a bunch of circuits and they do not have windows to look into the external world, whatever is inputted into them is from our other sense. So our perceptions or opinions are from the internal interpretation and our reaction is to the external world.
Researchers have proved that our conscious mind can only monitor 4 to 5 units of work at a time. But the unconscious brain has the ability to perform 200000X no. of actions.

Brain on motivation and self-control

There was an interesting experiment done during the 70s with a group of 40 kids who all were 4-year-old. They all were taken separately to a room and there were two marshmallows and a bell. The instruction is given to them that they will be left alone in the room with a plate of one marshmallow and a bell. And if they can wait for the instructor to return by himself they will be awarded two marshmallows or they can settle with one after ringing the bell 🛎.

From this research, they were able to conclude that those who had their concentration on marshmallows could not wait for a longer time and had to settle for one whereas those kids who diverted their concentration and got two marshmallows. After 40 years, the researchers found out that those kids who were awarded two marshmallows were more successful in all walks than the other who gave up.

Our human brain has the ability to falsify what is in front of us. It is so powerful that it. In most of the busy cities at first instance, we are awed by the crowd but later when this becomes our habit we feel neutral because our brain knows what to ignore and what to see.

When you stretch your arm and see your thumb, that is what the visual sensor can potentially see in a moment. Everything apart from that is blinded to you at that moment. The unconscious mind records amply no. of information only with that then imagine the size of your brain if your eyes were potential enough to grasp everything around you. Half of your brain processes visual information. Let’s say that only 0.1% of it is the total number of information you possess in your conscious brain.

Our brain decides what is new and important information without us even knowing. Just by seeing an unknown person’s face for less than 100 milliseconds, your brain has the ability to make assumptions about whether the person is trustworthy or whether the person is competent. It need not be accurate or so but the initial impression about a person does impact your future decisions. There is no say for the conscious mind in these things as it is unaware of when the process started and when it ends.
Our facial expressions are composed of 4 active muscle units. If we look at all possible combinations it adds up to 3000 meaningful facial expressions. Our brain also has the capability of interpreting nonverbal communications and evaluates accordingly. We can neither put them into words nor control them. Anything that does not have a face is processed by the object recognition unit.

Even as a human one person has the potential to read more things in the face and others who do not have emotional connections possess a face similar to an object. Generally, people who notice the same posture, gesture, a similar reaction to news tend to have more empathy and bonding to one another as they feel they are like one another.

A successful business, a potential life partner, or even a candidate you select for your company is based on your unconscious brain evaluation. How much ever we convince ourselves saying that the decision was based on the systematic evaluation. The truth is the truth that the unconscious brain has its own interference in Decision making.


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