The Power Of Visualization

 Power of Visualization

Ever wished to lead a life under your terms and conditions as you dream. What if I tell you a secret that could transform your life?

I would disclose a habit that is followed by less than 1% of people around the globe who have achieved greater heights of success and accomplishment in life. 

  The topic of discussion that I would like to present today is related to that part of the brain, which is the reason for both miseries and happiness in your life. People around the globe experience coincidences, intuitions, and miracles in their life.

  To simplify this, let me give you an example. Internet contains an ocean of vast details and while surfing just imagine if you are spammed continuously by pieces of information that do not interest your taste, you would certainly lose your interest. Similarly, our brain does not function to load all the details it sees, only selective information is grasped. 

  How does your brain make its choices? 

  So here is where the reticular activating system (RAS) comes into the picture. This is a network of neurons located in the stem that is responsible for regulating arousal, sleep-wake transitions, and consider filtered information.

  The game of success depends on how proficient you are in re-programming your RAS as it cannot differentiate between your imaginary and practical visuals For example If you decided that you will become the most successful entrepreneur in 2022. The first step to achieve my goal is to write down it on a piece of paper And then make conscious efforts to accept the perks of success by imagining yourself in that position and experiencing the same emotions towards it. Most importantly you should believe that is happening and have a confident approach towards it. When you can channelize your thoughts and practices towards your goal you will notice that your brain has started to spot opportunities accordingly.

  This is also the reason Why people fail in life as they believe that they are unlucky and Success never comes to them.

 Recommended Exercise

This needs to be followed for the next 90 days :

On the first day make a list of what you want in life 

Daily spend 30-60 secs by closing your eyes and imagining how you want your life to look like when achieved the monetary goal, Imaging you owning your favorite car or how it feels when you have sufficient funds to set up your own Business 


Never program your brain for negative emotions. For e.g. never imagine what if I don’t get success?, What if my savings are lost? . Your RAS can help you achieve even negative emotions and thoughts as it is incapable to decide which is a positive or negative thought.

Good luck with your Achievements in life. Hope this article will help you somewhere.

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