What is Perfection according to you?

Perfectly imperfect

If you set perfection as your destination, there is no road leading you there.

Let’s begin the article with the question, “What is Perfection according to you?

I am sure every individual will have your understanding and point of view based on your personal experiences. Humans are meaning-making species. This Quality of humans can be for better and for worse. Our Definitions for various things are based upon our beliefs, Values, Social set up, People we meet Etc.,

Gone are those days where we Sleep, Eat, and Live by our wishes and comforts. The present world carries guidelines for every action and set a pattern for the same. For example, many of us stress the fact of sleeping 6 to 8 hrs. a day, we are calculative about carbohydrates, protein, and vitamin intake. We live in an era where we have caged our brains with a systematic lifestyle of living rather than living our life. Every act comes with conditions to apply the directory. This pattern which we have adapted to has brought unnecessary chaos. We need to have a regular check about what we do, how we do it, and what is the result. But complications in life arrive when Sets his own rules and regulations and box them into a subjective concept of Perfection.

You are too Old /Young

Can someone explain this? I don’t understand the Ideal age of education, Ideal age of marriage, Ideal age of leading life, Ideal age to retire, etc. Let me share with you a story that shook me from inside and made me realize that problems are never big it’s us who are small that we are incapable of handling them.

Be Grateful for What you Have

It is a story of a woman who made us realize that real happiness doesn’t lie in fame, money, the success it lays in accepting oneself and being grateful for what we have. Around the globe, there are several practices which we might find astonishing. However, that is what makes life a beautiful and interesting place.

My inspiration belonged to an orthodox family. And as per their traditions, they asked her will to get married at the age of 18. And she agreed for the same. For some reason, the marriage was not happy. After 2 years of her marriage while traveling in a car with her husband she met with an accident and the car 🚙 fell into a ditch. Her husband jumped out of the car and survived the accident. However, that was not the case with his wife. She had several serious fractures and internal injuries that were the reason for her paralysis. The place where the accident took place had no medical clinic or pharmacy for the nearest hospital they had to travel 3 hours. There was no time left to call the ambulance. So the locals decided to put her in the back of a jeep and take her to the hospital. She underwent multiple surgeries and spent about two and a half months in the hospital.

Within those two and a half months she came across news regarding her permanent damages but one day the doctor said she will not be able to conceive and will never be able to give birth to a child again. She could not take this anymore. She was devastated and started to self-question herself. Her parents and well-wishers were concerned about her future they were afraid of how she would lead her life. In this whole chaotic situation what kept her going was just one sentence that her mom told her. “This too shall pass “.

There is a famous one-liner, “Fake it till you make it”. This was true in her case. She managed to put up a smile on her face trying to hide her pain and agony. She was very particular about being strong for her family as they were also going through many things. In between these things she requested her brothers to get her canvas and colors. With her deformed hands, she started painting and it proved to be a therapy for her. She started receiving positive feedback for her works. But her struggles didn’t end here. Due to complications in her health, she was advised by doctors to lie with her back straight. She was bedridden for 2 years and the only thing she could do was look outside the window and wish for a day out with her family.

Face your Fears

Finally, she was able to sit in a wheelchair and considered this as her rebirth. And later saw her in the mirror and applied lip color. But rubbed it off immediately and started crying inconsolably. After some time she again applied the lip color and this time she put it to feel perfect from within. She decided at that point that she will overcome all her fears and face her life more bravely. Her biggest fears were Divorce, not become a mother, and facing people.  So the first thing she did was gave her husband a divorce and liberated herself and then adopted a child after 2 years. So for the third fear let me tell her name. This is the story of a brave and courageous woman Muniba Mansari. Speech and words are two powerful weapons that can be used to make something or break something.

From being a normal girl to an inspiring personality the journey has been long there is currently nothing in her that someone would say that her life is perfect. Her life has deformed her body, transformed her into a different person, and made her realize several values of life. But today she has courageously fought imperfections in her life and got a better version of herself.

The best version of someone doesn’t mean perfect. Perfection and balance are two illusions of life.   When you are participating in every area of your life and moving towards betterment it is realistic.

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