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Following are the three stories that completely changed my perception about life.

Love the loved ones

 A small kid was passing by the street in his cycle .He lost control of the balance and fell down at his neighbour house. He got badly hurt as his hands were wounded and started bleeding. After few minutes he realised that he ran his cycle over a hen and it broke the hen’s limb. The child was terrified by what he saw and got up back picked his cycle, took the hen and placed it in cycle basket and started to peddle as fast as he could without minding his wound. I could not understand what was happening. The kid went to clinic near to his house and requested the doctor to treat the hen innocently without even knowing the difference of veterinary and general physician. The hen was later taken to veterinary. But in this whole incident I realise just one thing that you are human by birth but during course of time you lose to show humanity towards others.

Every life deserves freedom every life deserves to live.

Story 2

I noticed a handsome guy in a coffee shop working in his laptop and after about 10 min I saw a beautiful girl entering the shop and marched towards his table .And I thought wow what a life this person has. After some time when I was about to leave the shop i noticed that even that guy whom I assumed to have a great life were leaving. But this time I felt bad for me for being judgemental about someone life whom I didn’t know .The guy was in his wheel chair.

This is a very small incident which I have shared and my attitude has not affected any one. Even then my approach to the situation should have been more neutral and that can only happen by practising empathy towards others.

In our day to day life we encounter people from all walks of life and react according to our situations and circumstances. An immediate solution is not possible however we can make a change by not judging anyone’s action.

Story might be short but the thought matters

Story 3

After a big factory accident, few of the workers were admitted into hospital. In one such room resided two of the patients who were working in same department .One of patient was given the window side bed and other was in the door side bed. Every day the window side patient would describe the beautiful scenery outside the window seat .After one point of time the door side bed patient would envy and think why he was treaded unfair. Why he wasn’t offered the window side bed

After few days the window side bed patient became seriously ill and lost his life. At that point the door side bad patient shifted to the window side he was happy about this. But when he shifted he could not see any scenery from there. In fact he only saw the waste bins of the hospital and there were no people there. This is when he realised that actually there was nothing beautiful in the place but it was his imagination which kept up the spirit.

When the truth is too disturbing beautiful lies gives ray of hope

What is your opinion on the above three incidents ?

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